Business Analyst through-out an RPA implementation



The certified Business Analyst learning path is for anyone who is interested in the role played by a Business Analyst throughout an RPA implementation.

Participants will be able to analyze the business domains, create documents with clear and concise information. They would be aware of the new technology, tools, and solutions that would be best fitted for the process. Further, they will be able to analyse the potential of automation and map the process into the automation quadrant and thereby be able to calculate & understand the complexity of the process to be automated- Achieve strategic goals for the organization. Gain an understanding of the demands of the project changes. This course provides an understanding of dependencies and risks to build out a valid case for automation. 

  • According to a recent survey, the RPA business market could be worth $6.7 trillion within the next 5-6 years.

  • RPA Business Analysts are required to develop customized reports and solutions. 

  • The demand for the certified RPA Business Analysts is always higher, with salaries averaging more than $82,881 per year(Source :

Course content

Duration: 12 hrs   |   Mode: Online / Classroom

  • RPA in the digital Transformation Era

  • Basics of Robotic process automation

  • Introduction to RPA Business Analyst Role

  • Role of Business Analyst

  • RPA Tools in the Market

  • How RPA works

  • Ideal Processes for RPA

  • Understand use cases for RPA

  • What are BOTS

  • Process Modelling

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Business Analysis in RPA Environment

  • Industry Challenges

  • Types of RPA tools

  • Centre of Excellence

Who can do this course ?

Business Analysts, Business Managers, and Process Managers who want to learn the fundamentals of Business Analysis in RPA.

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